Satisfying fiction is my coup de grace

OOOOO these Twilight people are getting on my can you say Harry Potter is getting confusing, read the damn book, I like twilight but if anything is confusing it's that series so don't you dare say it is confusing. Sorry had to vent. Feel better now!!!

Week in review!!!
I finally learned how to post my fanfic on!

Got some nice reviews.

Saw Terminator Salvation, which was totally worth my 10 bucks.

Finished my first Jace banner, I think it's to late to enter it in golden_luminous, though!

Hmmm anything else cant remember, eh must not be important! :D

What's next you say!!!
Hmmmm!!! Another fanfic? Since I've been getting awesome reviews I may start working on another. I love to keep them going 'in character' so we'll see what unfolds.
I probably will also work on some artwork for MI starting with the very talented, very mine-- Jace Wayland!!! Sigh. Forever my crush, so lame :P

Reflection (After Glass) posted below

Week Rundown!!!
Ready for the real world :) ughhhhhhh!!!! (Wish the diploma came with a instant job in your field of interest)

Chatted with Ms. Clare a bit, very cool.

Received words of inspiration from one of the coolest Professor's I've had for Design. Thanks Professor D.

And thank you guys for reading my fanfic. Spread the word to more TMI Fans!!!
(Check it out below)

Here it is. I hope I did well by your characters. This was my first fanfiction and I was so amazed at how it flowed out, hence, the number of pages. I loved the first ending just needed another. But there were four blank pages at the end of COG. I asked myself, What would those pages say, if it were to continue?


(Ms. Cassandra Clare's characters and original concepts belong solely to her.)

On the grind...
Reflection (After Glass) coming soon...

Still drafting though...

And on...
Reason for the second epilogue, I wasn't entirely satisfied. Don't get me wrong the ending was beautiful... but I just needed an idea to which direction Clary and Jace's life would be headed. Clare gave us the cake but didn't want to invite us for seconds. Well I wanted seconds just to taste it

Mortal Instruments
Right now Im writing a second epilogue to the Mortal instruments entitled Reflection (After Glass)...
I just wanted to explore the possibilities of Clary and Jace's life after leaving the CIty of Glass to start a new life in New York... I think Ms Clare would be proud... It shall be posted when Im done...Hope you like it as much as I do...


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